We, the Angry Hypocrites, found ourselves complaining about many aspects of the world and the millennial generation of which we are a part.

December 2016 we were discussing things that we were angry about, when “it” seemed to hit both of us simultaneously. By complaining about the things in the world that angered us, without acting to remedy the situation, we were equally complicit in allowing the issues of our time to continue unchecked. We recognized in others, in corporations, in governments, things that needed to change, but made minimal effort to contribute to those changes. We wanted the world to showsigns of change before we made the effort ourselves. This was the wrong mentality.

Our New Years resolution for 2017 became clear. Identify ways to become better human beings. We decided to identify opportunities to reduce the burden we expel upon our planet, to enrich the lives of our fellow humans, and to support the ethical treatment of animals.

We attempt to provide manageable, quantifiable, and incremental improvements from our previous status quo to a less wasteful, and more purposeful standard of living. However, we recognize that becoming a better human also requires improving in areas that are not easily quantifiable, which is why we also write about our internal responses to the changes we make.

We are not associated with a political party or agenda. We do not associate with a particular religion. We are not creating this content as a means of fame (we continue to maintain our anonymity on this website). We simply want to find ways to contribute to things that by most standards are “good” and reduce our involvement with things that are “bad.” If the moral implications of choosing good things over bad are not a motivating factor for the reader, several of our “opportunities” also result in saving money or time.

We created this documentation of our efforts in the hope that others will begin to recognize that action can be so much more rewarding than waiting for the world to change around us. We hope this will encourage others seek out opportunities to become better people. Most importantly, we encourage others to share their experiences, tips, tricks, and ideas so that we can collectively continue to learn on our journey from being angry hypocrites to becoming better human beings.

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